Born in Wiltshire in an isolated spot now commemorated by a stone circle. While in the sixth form he had a Saturday job in a party shop filling helium balloons where people spoke very highly of him. Otherwise little is known about his early life but after leaving school, he left home to go off around the world but only made 5 miles before he was taken in and adopted as a computer operator and trainee managing director until absconding the following year. Using the now familiar disguise, he reappeared on a computing course at Portsmouth Polytechnic and finished three years later confident that a working knowledge of paper-tape and punched cards would be vital in his future career. After a period in London attempting to release his own fragrance, he worked his passage back to Wiltshire busking on street corners and stations. Away from the world of IT, music publishing and gigs, Martin Milnes devotes his time by continuing to seek a lasting peace in north Wiltshire.