Guy Guerrini was the fifth of six children, all of whom are musicians and so, desperate to outdo them and attract some of his parents scant attention, he never contented himself with just the one instrument.
Initially inspired by a family friend and jazz aficionado he triumphed at tinkling on the ivories before engaging with the mighty church organ. Pipes became a theme as he moved into the flute which led to the saxophone – and all before the age of 16. With such a grounding, he is now literally able to grab whatever comes his way and squeeze music out of it. In this band he has played everything on stage at one point or other and adds lead, backing and rap vocals to his roster.
When not flexing his performance muscles he can be found inspiring hundreds of young musicians and running a music department at Gordano School (a suburb of Hobbit-land, in outer Bristol).
Unlike his brother Miles, all these talents are touted with disarming modesty.