Born and raised “oop North” ( in the year of the ferret!), Howard (the Doc) Rigby came from mining stock — his mother was a pit pony!! He retired from the “coal-face” of the NHS 7 years ago. He started playing the sax aged 40 and now plays in the Horn Section of The Curious Little Big Band and other local bands.
His musical influences are his father (shut that bloody racket up will you!!) his mother (in jazz why don’t they all just play the tune!!) Stan Getz, Ben Webster, and Sonny Rollins.
He is famed for playing too loud, the wrong notes, the wrong rhythm and bragging his way into playing in this great band. His likes include alcoholic drinks and his dislikes include non-alcoholic drinks . He lives locally with his very long-suffering partner and her equally long suffering dog!